Altenew Inspiration challenge April 2018! -2-

Hi! I wrote my blog the one before about Altenew challenge,but I love this color inspiration and I made one more card for this challenge!
Today,I also used this favorite stamp set 'frosted garden'. I just blended the distress inks on the white cardstock,and stamped the flowers with white pigment ink 'Unicorn' from Hero arts. I put  the sentiment stamped same as the back ground and glued some gems. 
Enjoy the challenge!! Thank you!

Altenew Inspiration challenge April 2018!

Hi there! I stayed a lot of time with my son during his spring holiday and at last his school is started!
Now I can make some cards for a week!
Today, I'm going to show my new challenge card for Altenew Inspiration challenge April 2018. Such a beautiful colors! I love purple,especially a little faded color like this inspiration picture. I decided to make a thank you card for Mother's day.  I also love this stamp set 'frosted garden' . I created the mottled background with distress inks and white acrylic paint,then I stamped and heat-embossed the flowers with 'Silver pearl embossing powder' from WOW!. This embossing powder is not intense white and has a beautiful pearly effect. Also I love this die set 'Bold Alphabet Dies'.I die-cut the background and black space together. Color Inspiration challenge is fun!! Because already the beautiful color combination is ready to make! Thank you for visiting my blog!!

The February challenge of the Ton !

Hi,there! I'm so happy to come back to my blog!
Just I have no time to write my blog! I was creating some cards!
Today I'll show you my new challenge card for The Ton Stamps.
This month theme is 'HEART'!  Sounds fun and thrilled for girls,right?
I created this card with a piece of paper playing alcohol inks! I colored  YUPO paper and printed to Neenah's paper,because I want to heat-emboss on this background.(Yupo paper is not paper,but heat sensitive plastic sheet.So Heat warps it.) Of course,the original is more beautiful,but the alcohol ink's characteristic is printed enough.     Then,I heat-embossed the glasses,flowers,and leaves shaped heart by arranging two leaves.

I hope you enjoy my card and see you next time!
Thank you for visiting my blog.


チャレンジは、それでもブログを書くぞとなるいいきっかけでもありますので、The Tonの2月チャンレンジに作ってみました。

The Ton Challenge of December!

Hello and Welcome to my blog!
I was making a lot of holiday cards this year but I couldn't write my blog!!
I will show you some cards soon.

Anyway, Today I show you my new card for the Challenge of The Ton.
The  challenge of December is the mood board from The Ton Challenge Blog.
What a beautiful holiday scene!! I love the colors on the board,especially the Northern light. Then I created this card. I love love love snowflake patterns and this stamp set of snowflakes from The Ton Stamps is the most favorite snowflakes!!
At first,I paint as a base with distress inks on the watercolor paper. I put the diamond dust glitter from FloraCraft on the base with double-sided sheet.And I layered an acetate stamped and heat-embossed with the stamp set and mixed-color embossing powder.
It is very shiny card like diamond dust!!

Thank you for visiting my blog!

The Ton Challenge blog of November!

Hello! And long time no see...But I was making a lot of cards for holiday!
At first,I show my card for The Challenge of The Ton Stamps!
This month, the Theme is Holiday!!!
Now I'm in the boom of making with light colors, and combining with gold.
I created the stripe background by masking and blending.Then I stamped the poinsettia on the tight side and colored with Copic markers.
And I put glitter glue and wink of stella on the petals. I hope it looks a modern and pop holiday card!!
Thank you for visiting my blog! I'll show my other cards soon!

MFT Stamps - Wednesday Sketch Challenge 355

Hi,crafters! Are you enjoying the most beautiful season,Autumn?
I had a lot of events of my families, thus I couldn't write my blog...
Today I'll show my card for this challenge 'Wednesday Sketch Challenge 355 by MFT Stamps'.

I love watercoloring with Autumn colors ,especially yellow.
I colored the base background with yellow,and colored the mouse and leaves with Copic markers ,more dark colors like red,orange and  green.
The sentiment is die-cut from DIY woody paper and I layerd the gold die-cut paper behind the woody 'thanks'.I hope it has come out autumn look.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

こんにちは。ご無沙汰しています。 秋のイベント盛りだくさんでなかなかブログ更新までできませんでしたが、カードは少し作っています。 こちらは秋のカード、MFTのWednesdayスケッチチャレンジに参加したものです。スケッチチャレンジは、型だけ決まっていて好きなパーツをアレンジします。チャンレンジ355は、上の図のような型。型が決まっていると作りやすくありません? 今回はいただいた可愛い秋のねずみちゃんを色塗りして、バックグラウンドは黄色ベースの水彩でねずみちゃんや葉っぱが引き立つように少し白いアクリル絵具でばかしを入れました。センチメントはconcord and 9thの木目スタンプで作ったペーパーを抜き、少しずらしてゴールドペーパーを同じダイで抜いたものも重ねて、奥行きを出しました。 すごく可愛いねずみちゃんスタンプ、活…

The Ton September Challenge!!

Hi,there.  Autumn has come!! I love autumn and making autumn cards!
Today,I'll show you my card for The Ton September challenge.
This month,we make cards with inspiring by the color chart.
 I made this card.I know there isn't a halloween element in the chart,but the color is a little dark and orange then I came up with this card.
I stamped some macaroons by masking,colored with COPIC markers,then I put it on a creased crape paper I stamped the gold dots as a sweets gift box.  This is a card for my friend who loves The Ton Stamps! Thank you for your visiting my blog!
こんにちは。すっかり秋のような気温で、秋のイベントが盛りだくさんになってきましたね。ハロウィンなんてまだまだだと思っていたら、もう10月はそこまでやってきました! 今日は、The Tonのマンスリーチャレンジにアップしたカードをご紹介します。 今月もカラーボードからインスピレーションを受けて作るテーマです。ハロウィン要素はボードにないのですが、色味がダークでハロウィンなものを作りたくなりまして。 色味だけハロウィンな雰囲気を醸しつつも、どんな季節にも作り替えられます。 難しいことはコピックの色塗りだけで、立体感を出すことのみ。その他は特に技術も道具もいりません。 箱に入ったマカロンのギフトボックスを開けた時のように見立てました。 クレープペーパーにゴールドでドットも捺して華やかさもプラス。 実はハロウィンなカードが苦手でして、少しは作るけどすごくノリノリではない自分がいますが、こんなカードはとっても楽しい♪ 1…